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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2012
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Chemistry I
Luis Ibanez
2nd hour 11-30-09
Pennies Lab
Materials: Triple beam balance, graduated cylinder, pennies from the years 1977-1987 in groups of ten, napkins, water.

Procedure:The first thing I did when I walked into the room was put my stuff down on the table. I sat down and waited for Mrs. Servis to give us instructions on what to do. After she was done talking Igot to choose partners they were Anneth Carrasco and Jenne Gonsalez. Then I went to the table where the pennies were and grabbed a group of pennies. After that I took them back to my table andwent to get a balance. Once I took that back to the table also I went to where the sink was and filled the graduated cylinder with water up to a certain measurement. I first then got the mass ofthe pennies by putting them on the balance and wrote down what the mass was on my piece of paper. Then I dropped one penny at a time very carefully and slowly to make sure the cylinderwouldn’t break. Once I found the volume of the pennies I wrote it down on my piece of paper and I walked over to the sink and poured the water down the drain catching the pennies. I put the cylinderdown and walked back to my group and dried off the pennies with a napkin. We solved for density like we were told to by using this formula D=M/V. Once the pennies were dry I put them back into thebag they were in and got another group of pennies. We repeated these steps until we were done finding the density for all the nessacary pennies. When it was getting close to the bell wecleaned up our area and put everything back where we got it clean and dry. We sat in our chairs quietly and waited until the bell rung.

Attachments: Stapled on back.

What I Learned: I learnedhow to find the density of pennies and that the water that the pennies had when they weren’t dry affected the mass of the pennies; the build up on them might of affected the mass also.
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