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Flora and fauna
The state of Chiapas is one of the most biologically diverse country. Along the border with Guatemala is located the Lacandon Jungle, which in its nearly one million area houses20% of the Mexican species. In the state are about 3,000 species of plants, including peanuts, mahogany, red cedar, ceiba, cypress, oak, ash, saman, guapaque, laurel, mangle, mesquite, palo mulato,pastures, pine, quebracho and flying.

There is also a wide variety of wildlife, especially birds and reptiles. The fauna is aquatic birds, boas, crocodiles (including the marsh crocodile, anendemic species), wild boars, lions, monkeys, porcupines, sarahuato, small mammals, possums, turtles, white-tailed deer and Yellow-throated toucans

Chiapas is one of 31 states, along with the FederalDistrict, comprise the 32 states of Mexico. Belonged to the Kingdom of Guatemala during the Spanish domination. Located in southeastern Mexico, became the 19th state of Mexico on September 14, 1824after conducting a popular referendum, as during the colonial period was built into the Captaincy General of Guatemala. The state boasts attractions like the archaeological site of Palenque and AguaAzul waterfalls. The bank has 118 municipalities.

Chiapas is represented in the Congress for 12 federal deputies and 3 senators. The state legislature is made up of 40 deputies. The stateis considered one of the 4 states politically vulnerable because of the outbreak of the EZLN guerrilla movement in 1994, thousands of supporters of the movement of socialist, communist andanarchist emigrated to the entity.

The most important economic activities are national and international tourism and agricultural sector in the production of coffee, honey, cocoa,vegetables, chile, banana, mango, jamaica, coconut, chocolate and sugar cane. It also stresses the artisanal production jewelry making amber-based, work in wood and clay, lacquer and traditional harness
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