Chicanos migration experience

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Chicanos Migration Experience

It is a noted fact all over the United States that most of the present citizens of United States are the ancestral begets of the Chicanos. This is seenvery evidently when a primary school teacher asks the students to draw their family tree. From this it is known that their ancestors belonged to Mexico. Also many of the Mexicans actually migrated tothe United States illegally. It is estimated by the Migration Information Source that more than 50% of the Mexican immigrants in the United States are illegal or undocumented migrants. The Chicanosmigrated to the United States to earn a decent living and improve their standard of living as well as their families living way back in Mexico. Therefore it can be seen that many Chicanos migrated tothe United States and laborers.
Statistics of Mexican Migrants in the United States
The federal government Migration Information Source reveal that Chicanos are the largest ethnic group living allover the United States and they are the largest foreign born people living in the United States. The Chicano population consists of the legal and illegal migrants.
Mexican Labor History
It was duringthe period of 1850 – 1880 that an estimated population of 55,000 Mexicans entered into the United States in search of better financial and economic opportunities. As many of the Chicanos came to theUnited States for a better standard of living they wanted to move back to their home country after they earned good amount of money to support their family and their retired life. Due to theintroduction of the railway system, there were even a larger number of Mexican migrants in the United States. It was seen that in the 20th century 60% of the people working for the railways, roadways andindustrial sector of America belong to Mexico.
United States Border Patrol History
After 1924, it became difficult for the Chicanos to migrate illegally because the United States government created...
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