Children of men

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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2010
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Children of Men

This is a futurist film that represents how will be the world if situations like wars, discrimination, violence, contamination continues happen.
Protect the life is the mainargument in the movie, inside a scenery where the problem is the infertility. Also situation like immigration and violence make be alive more difficult.
If we see the past for this movie, is ourpresent. So what we can do to avoid this future for our family. ¿We want this future?
Next I go to explain my opinion about some specific papers in the film.

He is ex-political leader who waselected for the Fish, a group of Humanity Project to help Kee, an immigrant pregnant girl.
Looking for help, specifically looking for legal papers to Kee, he visited his cousin Nigel a high rankinggovernment official and who doesn’t matter what is happing in the world. When Theo arrived to his office he was shocked and surprised about all the art that Nigel keeps for him. Because Nigel has acollection from different artist like Picasso,David and Banksy.
Theo represents a man interested to help no matter what he going to receive as a prize, because his past like political activist impulse himwith enthusiasm.
He had to fight with different groups of opposition but his wish of put in salve Kee´s baby was his force to continue.

She is a young black woman who has in inside her thehope of the humanity. Nobody knows who the father of her baby is, but she is so young and very weak.
She receives help from the Human Project and they put in contact with Theo an ex-politicalleader that help her to leave the oppression, both are looking for “Tomorrow” the boat of salvation. Unfortunately in this group some people want to use her for them own benefit.
She represents hope ina world where be alive is becoming more and more difficult, war and violence are completely uncontrollable.
Her character can be compared with the symbolism of Mary in the Catholic tradition. Both...
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