China, huge new economy

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China, an industry that are helping and affecting our world
China, a huge country situated at the east of Asia, with the biggest population in the world. China had an incredible improvement in its economy in the last few years. Thanks to all the development that China has shown in the last few years, it has established many relations and trades with countries around the world. Trades thatmake international relations an easier task, in all its different ways: economic, traditional, and social relations.
Until April 1998 China just had diplomatic relation with 27 countries and participated in 12 international government organizations; China is becoming an incredible threat for the power countries, for the western power (North America and Europe). Now it is an active member ofmany international relations and it’s looking to put its name in the entire world. China, itself, is playing and will continue playing a key role in promoting the global trades, the global collaboration.
But the question now is, if all this trades and relations are helping to the globalization, which in our times is an important factor, and if all the market that China has is affecting orhelping the countries with which it has a relation?
The next pages are going to try to answer the previous questions, taking in consideration: the countries which China has a stronger relation, the countries that are affected by China’s marketing and the ones that are beneficiaries, the ones that can compete in the market versus China and it prices, and the different kind of products thatthe world presents us in our times: the cheaper Chinese products versus the quality and the name of Western products.
Globalization can be understand as “A set of processes leading to the integration of economic, cultural, political, and social systems across geographical boundaries.” (www.; and after reading this it can say that in our times, China is looking for stronger relationswith countries of the entire world; but it is not interested in just help these other countries, China also need to get something from the other country, relation win-win, where the both sides are beneficiaries.
China is trying to become a leading country, for this it must have relations in all the world’s corners; in South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. In the last years China hadestablish relations in the entire world.
To satisfy the demands of industrialization China needs natural resources, here is when China establishes relations with Africa. Chinese companies are importing oil from Sudan and Angola, timber from Central Africa and cooper from Zambia. Trades of $50 dollar billions in 2006, with the previous countries make stronger the relation between China andAfrica. This relation is trying to expand mutually-beneficial cooperation, in a new strategic partnership that support and cooperate closely.
In America, China is being in charge for establishing different relation in many countries of South-America, because it is a developing zone that share identical political objectives. Countries like Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil hadmade different trades that foment the economic and technological cooperation and the cultural, scientific and military interchange. Because of this, China became the third economical partner of Latin America, with an inversion of $4,000 dollar millions buying raw materials. Also the most important economical partner for China in the last few years has been Argentina.
China needs to supportthree principal relations in Asia. The Middle Eastern, countries, like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal, have a stronger relation because half of China’s oil imports depends on them, where Saudi Arabia and Iran are providing about 30% of Chinas oil imports. Also China has signed a $100 dollar billions deal with Iran to import 10 million tons of liquefied natural gas over a 25-year period....
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