China under communist rule

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China Under Communist Rule
Between 1946 and 1949, civil war raged in China between Nationalists and Communists.
The Chinese Civil War’s goal was to determine who would have control overChina. The
Nationalists were ruled by Jiang Jieshi and controlled southwestern China. The communist led
by Mao Zedong organized an army of peasants in northwestern China. In October 1949 theCommunist were victorious mostly because their troops were well trained in guerrilla war. Their
leader changed China’s name to The People’s Republic of China. Jiang Jieshi and other
Nationalist leadersfled to the island of Taiwan. The main events that occurred during Mao
Zedong’s rule were The Great Leap Forward, The Cultural Revolution and the Tiananmen
The Great LeapForward was Mao’s plan to industrialize China. Mao saw the Great Leap
Forward as a new economic model. The idea was to create group farms known as communes
where thousands of people lived and farmedtogether. Each community had their community
kitchen where families would go and eat. We saw an example of how they looked like in the
movie “To Live” , the kitchen or commune dinning was small andhad a lot of people. Also all
families had to contribute by donating iron, the purpose was to make more weapons. People
during this time period were not sleeping enough because of their work. Maowanted to make the
communes larger and more productive , people did not like strong government control and the
plan failed. The Great Leap Forward’s outcome were severe droughts and starvation,since the
plan did not work Mao ended it in 1960.

A major event that also occurred under Mao’s rule was the Cultural Revolution in 1966. The
Cultural Revolution’s goal was to create anequal society of peasants and workers by getting rid
of China’s intellectuals capitalists and counterrevolutionaries. The purge was carried out by
young people, mostly teenagers known as Red...
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