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Good morning class, I am going to talk about the beautiful country of CHINA.
China is the largest country entirely in Asia and is the fourth largest country in the world (after Russia,Canada, and the USA). China covers about 9,596,960 square kilometers.
Where is China located and what is it capital? China is located at the eastern of Asia and Beijing is it capital.
How many peopleare in China? China has the largest population of any country in the world. The population of China is about 1,321,851,000 (as of July, 2007).
How looks China´s Flag?
China's flag is red with fivegolden-yellow stars. The red color of the flag symbolizes revolution. The large star symbolizes the Communist Party and the smaller stars represent the people of China.
Who is the president ofChina?
The president of the People's Republic of China is Hu Jintao and he was elected on March 15, 2003.
What is the unit of money in China?
Yuan is the currency in China

Now, let´s talk aboutsome China´s Famous PEOPLE

Confucius: was a Chinese thinker and philosopher
Puyi: was the last Emperor of China
Jackie Chan: Is a famous actor and martial artist.
Jimmy Choo: is aLondon-based luxury fashion designer.

What are the Famous Places in China?

China has many places of historical and cultural interest. Some famous places in China are:
- The Great Wall of China
- TheForbidden City
- The Temple of Heaven
- The Terracotta Army

What is the music, food a clothes in china?

Chinese tradition says that a man named Ling Lun, invented the earliestmusical instruments in China, bamboo pipes that imitated the sounds of birds.
The famous dragon dance with music is also a remembered tradition.
Chinese cuisine has a very high reputation worldwideThe staple food in China is usually rice and wheat. Millet, corn, buckwheat, potato, sweet potato and many kinds of legumes are also common.

People in China generally wore tunics....
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