Chinese culture and china's relationship with latin america

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  • Publicado : 13 de mayo de 2011
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Chinese culture and China's relationship with Latin America

China has been lately a very controversial country, because of the growth they have had in the matter of economy in the last years, andof course because of the population they have. Having 1.3 billions of persons must not be easy to handle.
Talking about Chinese culture we all concern the most about how does the society lives, thelanguage, the food and the religion they practice. In this whole month that I studied about Chinese culture, I've learned that many ethnic groups have existed in China. In terms of numbers, however,the most known ethnic group is the Han Chinese. The Han identity has maintained distinct linguistic and regional cultural traditions. Much of the traditional cultural identity within the community hasto do with distinguishing the name.
Most of the social values in Chinese society are derived from Confucianism and Taoism with a combination of conservatism.
Talking about the language, spokenChinese consisted of a number of Chinese dialects throughout history. In the Ming Dynasty standard Mandarin was nationalized. In my opinion and because of what I’ve learn this month, I think Chinese is themost difficult language in the world. But I am sure that with the growth that china is having, Chinese language would be as important as English is at this time
I've noticed that the Chinesearchitecture is an example of which can be found over 2,000 years ago. There are certain features common to Chinese architecture, regardless of specific region or use. The most important is its emphasis onwidth, as the wide halls of the Forbidden City for example.
As foreign people, we Mexicans find the Chinese food so different in many aspects, in first place the use of chopsticks and also I've noticethat Chinese people eat some animals that in America we would never think about eating them, like the dove or little scorpions just to give an example. In my opinion Chinese food is very good when...
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