Chocolate en egypto

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  • Publicado : 11 de octubre de 2010
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The main objective of this business idea is to look for new markets for the export of the Colombian products in order to liberate the country from the economic dependence that has had during many years with other countries. Also, we look for increasing the economicgrowth rate and creating more jobs.

The business idea consists on introducing a delicious chocolate made with 100% Colombian ingredients in the Egyptian market. The distinctive logo of the company “Flavour” and its slogan "sweetens your senses", will provide a unique positioning.

There will be three different lines of chocolates depending on the customer features: Flavour kids, Flavour Eliteand Flavour Light. The chocolates will have different shapes, colors and filling, which will provide an added value to the customers, and will create more attraction in our target market (Children between ages 0-14).

On the other side, after studying a diverse group of potential markets, we have decided to direct our view toward the Egyptian market. Because, it represents a big opportunityfor our company; especially if we take into account the increase in the population of young customers and the role of the candies in the Arab culture. So, based on this, kids and young people will be the most important objective when developing the marketing strategies.

Finally, In relation to the distribution of the product, it will be transported by sea. In spite of the current market offreights by sea is a little deregulated to the Middle East, it is not expensive and efficient to use this means of transport. The shipping company hired will be Maersk. Inside the country, the chocolate will be transported by land in trucks toward the wholesalers, which will have the obligation to distribute the product locally to the retailers.

During the recent years, Colombia has beenaffected by the global economic crisis, consequently resulting in a decrease in growth rates and an increase of the informal employment. Additionally, the border crisis with other countries has had a negative effect on the country because; the exports have been reduced greatly.

In order to counteract this situation and its impact, the company Colombian export, has decided to look for newmarkets to where they can export and sell the innovative Colombian products. The purpose is to penetrate the Egyptian market by introducing a chocolate made with 100% Colombian ingredients, with an excellent quality and with an accessible price.

This incredible project will generate great expansion opportunities and positioning for the company, as well as the opportunity to catch the interestof potential foreign customers, increase profits and gain international recognition.

Between 1992 and 2002, the global exports of chocolate grew 2.9%, from record sales of U.S. $ 5,199 million in 1992 to $ 8.023 million eleven years later.

Although Colombia is not one of the largest exporters of chocolate, is ranked 39 as an exporter. It is optimally positioned in themarket, and it shows a growth rate of exports of chocolates of 10.4% and an increase in the global market share of chocolate of 5.4%. The main products that make up the country's export supply are: table chocolate, chocolate bars and chocolate drinks.

In relation to the exports from Colombia to Egypt, confectionery exports have submitted an annual average growth of 0.3% from 2005 to 2008,...
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