Chocolate production

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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2012
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In this paper, we describe the process of production of chocolate. In general, but making known the main steps. From growing and harvesting of cocoa beans, through roasting and grindingappropriate to maxalacion to become the chocolate bar that we enjoy, with de delicious flavors or chocolate.

Cocoa beans are the product of the cocoa tree. Itis an important cultive in Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia and Central America. The cocoa is a tropical plant thriving in hot and rainy climates. And your development is very delicate. Becausecacao trees can only grow under specific temperatures, altitudes, and other atmospheric conditions, such as humidity, wind, and sun, according Afoakwa, E. (2010)

The pods start out green and turnorange when they are ripe. When the pods are ripe, the harvesters do not risk to climb to cocoa tree, because they will be broken the cultive. Harvesters just travel through the cocoa fields with“machetes” and hack the pods.
Once the cocoa beans have been cleaned, the next step is the roasting. In this step, the cocoa beans can be roasted for a short time at hightemperatures, which produces a strong chocolate flavor. Or roast the beans for a long time at low temperature, which allows the more delicate chocolate flavors.
Grinding is the process inwhich the cocoa beans are ground into cocoa mass. In the case of milk chocolate, milk is added depending on the method of each manufacture, according “Chocolate Cadbury producers” (2011).
The flavors are depending on the content of cacao. The cacao determines how sweet or intense the chocolate will be.
* Unsweetened Chocolate 100% cacao
* Bittersweet Chocolate5-99% cacao
* Semi-Sweet Chocolate 35-40% cacao
* Dark Chocolate 15-34% cacao
* White Chocolate 20% cacao butter
According“Chocolate Cadbury producers” (2011).

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