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Don't fret if you've spent years learning Firefox's shortcut keys, most of the basic ones are retained in Chrome, such as opening a new window or tab. This makes transitioning to Chrome a piece of cake, though there are more than a handful that are specific to Chrome only. Whether Chrome- specific or cross-browser, here's a list of some of our favorites:
• CTRL+N: Open a new window
• CTRL+T:Open a new tab
• CTRL+Shift+N: Open a new window in incognito (private) mode
• CTRL+O, then select file: Open a file from our PC in Chrome
• Hold CTRL and click a link (or use middle mouse button) :Opens link in new tab
• Hold CTRL+Shift and click a link: Opens a link in a new tab and switches to it
• CTRL+Shift +T: Reopens the last tab you've closed, up to 10 tabs
• CTRL +1 through CTRL+8:Switches to the tab at the specified position
• CTRL+B: Toggles the bookmarks bar on and off
• CTRL+Shift+B: Opens the Bookmark manager
• CTRL+H: Opens the History page
• CTRL +Shift+J: Opens Developer tools
• F1: Opens the Help Center in a new tab
Address Bar Shorcuts
• CTRL+Enter: Adds www. and .com to your input and then opens the resulting URL
• CTRL+K or CTRL+E: Places a '?' in theaddress bar
• CTRL and left or right arrow: Moves the cursor to the preceding or next key term in the address bar
Webpage Shortcuts
• CTRL+F5 or Shift +F5: Reloads current page and ignores cached content
• CTRL +D: Bookmarks current page
• CTRL+U: Opens the source of your current page
• CTRL+0: Returns page to its normal size
Other Shortcut Tips
To quickly delete a specific entry from yourbrowsing history that shows up in the drop-down menu of your address bar, highlight the entry and press Shift+Delete. And to select the first or last entry in the drop-down menu, press thePage Up or Page Down key.
These are just some of the shortcuts you can use in Chrome (and Windows). For a full list, see Google's support page here, which also lists shortcuts applicable to Mac and Linux users.Make Use of Your Mouse
Once you've mastered a few handy keyboard shortcuts, it's time to shift focus to your other input peripheral, the computer mouse. Learn these as well and you'll be surfing the Web at record speed.

One of our favorite tricks involves navigating back or forth through our page history. We often find ourselves venturing several links deep on a webpage. If you're like mostusers, you probably think that going back to the beginning means mashing the back button repeatedly and hoping you don't overshoot your target, but there's a much easier way. Simply click and hold on the Back or Forward button to see a list of links you've navigated. You can also right-click to bring up this drop-down menu of links.

Another handy feature in Chrome, and that one that isn'tduplicated in Firefox (not out of the box, anyway) is the ability to paste a link and go directly to it without ever hitting the Enter key. Just right-click the address bar and select 'Paste and go'.

Particularly handy for bloggers but also useful for forum posts, Webmail, and other online forms, you can resize any text area in Chrome. All you need to do is click and drag the lower right corner.If you need to quickly resize an entire webpage, hold down the CTRL key and scroll up (enlarge) or down (decrease) with your mouse's scroll wheel. To reset the page back to normal, either scroll back to the appropriate size, or press CTRL+0.
Manipulate Chrome with Startup Switches
Maybe you always want to hide your tracks when surfing the Web and are only interested in Chrome's Incognito mode.Or perhaps you're trying to speed things up by disabling Java, Flash, plugins, and other features. By utilizing startup switches, you can manipulate how Chrome loads up. Here's how.

Right-click the Chrome shortcut on your desktop or Taskbar and select Properties. Navigate to the Shortcut tab and pay attention to the Target field. This is where you'll be entering in command line switches....
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