DR. MURRAY GAVE MJ SEDATIVES BEFORE DEATH?: AP quotes source who says Jackson's doctor administered drugsoften used to calm patients before surgery.

*Hours before Michael Jackson's death, his doctor administeredmultiple sedatives along with a powerful anesthetic the pop star used to sleep a law enforcement officialtells the AP. It's a safe combination if done properly; potentially lethal if not.

The official saidthe type of sedatives Dr. Conrad Murray gave Jackson were benzodiazepines, often used to calm patients beforesurgery. Murray told investigators the doses were within normal medical guidelines, said the official, whospoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

Evenat acceptable levels, benzodiazepines can intensify how the anesthetic propofol depresses breathing, so strictmonitoring and careful dosing is required. The balance can be tricky, a slip-up disastrous.Murray, who administered the drugs to Jackson in a room at the pop star's rented mansion, told investigators Jackson [continua]

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