Chromosomas y genes

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Genes and Chromosomes
What does all of this have to do with the location of genes? Not long after Mendel’s work was rediscovered, a graduate student named Walter Suttonmade an important observation. Sutton was studying sperm cells in grasshoppers. Sutton knew of Mendel’s studies, which showed that the egg and sperm must each contributethe same amount of information to the offspring. That was the only way the 3:1 ratio found in the second generation could be explained. Sutton also knew from his ownstudies that although eggs and sperm were different, they did have something in common: Their chromosomes were located inside a nucleus. Using his observations of meiosis, hisunderstanding of Mendel’s work, and some creative thinking, Sutton proposed something very important: 

There are 8 proceses to living things chromosomes.
1. Beforemeiosis begins the chromosomes.
2. Each chromosomes is no made up two
3. The chromosomes separates of from their homologous.
4. The nuclear members re – forms,
5. Each cell contains one member
6. The chromosomes then line up at the equator of the each cell.
7. The chromatics pull apart and move to oppositesends of the cell.
8. The result is the is that four new cells

Meiosis and Mendel
As Walter Sutton figured out, the steps in meiosis explained Mendel’s results. showswhat happens to a pair of homologous chromosomes during meiosis and fertilization. The cross shown is between a plant that is true breeding for round seeds and a plantthat is true breeding for wrinkled seeds.

The womens have only XX an the the mans have XY the mans disides the sex of the baby because the man have the two chromosomes.
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