Ciclo de la abeja

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Since the start of the fertilized egg, a worker takes to be born 21 days. The eggs remain for 3 days. From the third day, the larvae are fed a mixture of pollen and honey for 3 daysand then seal the cell to undergo metamorphosis. The bee when born, is small, hairy, whitish, dull and harmless.
The insects in their life adult phase are short-lived, limited to a particular time ofyear, usually spring and summer, they live 65 days on average. In fall and winter the workers living 90 to 120 days. We can say that the average lifespan of worker bees is generally 85 days.Throughout his life, the workers perform different tasks depending on their age, up to 21 days did not leave the hive and perform different functions: cleaners, nurses, Chandlers, stored, and fan guards.
At21 days, they atrophy the wax glands and so leave the hive and are called foragers and perform the following functions: collecting nectar, collect pollen, propolis collecting and carrying water.
Theworkers have several specific characteristics, its size is smaller than that of the other components of the hive and its abdomen is also shorter. They possess a highly developed mouth parts with along tongue that allows them to get the nectar stored in the crop melario for transport to the hive.
Have a very developed as the need for collection, location, etc.. In the hind legs, have an amendmentcalled corbicula allowing them to carry pollen and propolis. They have a brush of hairs which are collected pollen grains, when the brush is full, move the pollen to the baskets and transported tothe hive. In the last days of life of the hive they die working in the field.


Desde la puesta del huevo fecundado, una obrera tardará en nacer 21 días. Los huevospermanecen durante 3 días,. A partir del tercer día, las larvas se alimentan con una mezcla de polen y miel durante otros 3 días más y después, se sella la celdilla para que sufran la metamorfosis. La...