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The “ciclovia” a place for everybody.

Every Sunday people from Bogotá take out their bicycles and go ridding for a while.

Bogotá has a particular way of sporting on Sundays; families with theirchildren, grand parents and even pets go out and make some exercise. They also go to the “ciclovia” to drink an orange juice or a “salpicon”.

The “ciclovia” was created in 1974 by the transitdepartment. It has 120 kilometers long, and four principal roads that are: ”Los circuitos Salitre Ciudad Universitaria”, “Olaya El Tunal”, “Parque Nacional” and “Circuito del Norte”. The “ciclovia” beginsat 7:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm every Sunday and holydays. About 2 million people are calculated to go out in the weekends to the “ciclovia”. It was named in the international contest of thehealthiest cities.

The mayoralty helps people that are in the streets by giving them a job in the “ciclovia” they sell different kinds of food like: hoe corn, orange juice, salpicon or arepa. This is a waythey can get money for their families and also for having a descent job.

Some people at the “ciclovia” make service stations for helping the people that have any problem with their bicycles; iftheir wheel has a problem they will help you, and it is really economic! Also, they help you giving you the information and if you fall down, they give you first aids.

AVTIVITIES IN THE “CICLOVIA”There are some places called RAFI, located in the “ciclovia” where they show people the importance of sports and healthy activities. Also, there are some places called “recreovias”, where people makeaerobics, dance and make other activities. The idea is to make people have fun and make exercise.

It also has some veterinary places were people can go with their pets. There are four veterinariesaround the “ciclovia” where your pets can have vaccination. The people that attend the veterinaries are specialized and work for the IDRD.

The “ciclovia” has some people that help you cross the...
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