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Can Cho snowboard?
Conversation |
| | No, she can't.
| | Yes, but not very well.
| | Yes, she is really good at it.
What is the main topic of this conversation between Cho and Freddy?

Conversation |
| | their families
| | their countries
| | their vacations
Freddy says that snowboarding is like _______________.Conversation |
| | | scuba diving
| | surfing |
| | skiing |
| What season is it in the conversation?
Conversation |
| | | fall |
| | winter |
| | summer |
| | spring |
Why doesn't Cho go with Freddy?

Conversation |
| | Her brother is going to visit her.
| | She doesn't like the snow.
| | She doesn't have enough money.

Rain Forests and the Earth's ClimateThe Importance of Rain Forests
[A] Rain forests cover only about six percent of the earth's surface, but they are very important to the earth. What is a rain forest? It is an area of land that gets a lot of rainfall and is mostly covered by tall, old trees. Some rain forests get up to 33 feet (10 meters) of rain each year. Some of their trees arethousands of years old. Most of the world's rain forests are in Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, and South America. More than half of the world's plant and animal species live in rain forests or originally came from rain forests. Scientists continue to discover plants in the rain forests that have medicinal value (useful for treating medical problems). In fact, over 25 percent of the medicineswe have come from rain forest plants, and there are still a lot of plants to find.The Effects of Rain Forests on the Earth's Climate
[B] Rain forests are important not only for the plants and animals that live in them but for the medicines that come from them. They also have major effects on the earth's atmosphere and climate. According to some scientists, global warming is causing dangerouschanges to the earth's climate. Rain forests can help us to fight global warming. Some scientists believe that rain forests cool the atmosphere by absorbing the sun's heat. To absorb means "to soak up." Also, plants and trees use carbon dioxide. The cause of global warming is an increase of gases like carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. So rain forests can clean some of the excess (extra) carbon dioxideout of the air.How We Are Destroying Rain Forests
[C] Rain forests are so important to the earth, but we are cutting them down and burning them very quickly. Why? Some companies want to use the trees to make wood and paper. Others want to use the land to raise animals or grow crops (plants that farmers grow to use as food). This is dangerous for the climate in two ways. First, we are destroyingsomething that helps cool down the earth's atmosphere. And second, by burning rain forests, we add a lot of carbon dioxide to the air. In fact, the burning of rain forests is responsible for about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Some people believe that in 40 years, all the rain forests will be destroyed. What will happen to the earth's climate when all the rain forests aregone?Which of the following statements is true? |
| | Almost 33 percent of the world's rain comes from rain forests. |
| | More than six percent of the world's rain comes from rain forests. |
| | About 25 percent of the world's plants and animals live in or come from rain forests. |
| | Over half of the world's animal species live in or come from rain forests. |
|According to scientists, global warming is caused by _____. |
| | the plants and animals that live in the rain forest |
| | dangerous changes to the earth's climate |
| | absorbing the sun's heat |
| | carbon dioxide and other gases in the air |
What is Paragraph B about? |
| |   how big the rain forests are |
| | how rain forests can help the atmosphere |
| |...