Cien años de soledad

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The Administration also known as Business Administration is the technical and social science that deals with the planning, organization, direction and control of resources (human,financial, material, technological, knowledge, etc) of the organization, to to obtain the maximum benefit, this benefit can be economic or social, depending on it for purposes ofthe organization.

Breaking down the definition we have.

Planning: The process that begins with the vision of Issue 1 of the organization, the organization's mission, set goals,strategies and organizational policies, using as tool the strategic map, all this taking into account the strengths / weaknesses organization and the opportunities / threats in thecontext (SWOT analysis). The plan covers the long term (5 years to 10 or more years), medium term (between 1 and 5 years) and the short term

Organize: Answer the questions, Who?will perform the task, involves designing the organizational chart defining responsibilities and obligations, How? is to perform the task, When? be performed, by designing BusinessProcess, Flowchart setting out how it should perform and that timing, in short organize is to coordinate and synchronize.
Lead: The influence, persuasion exercised by theleadership of individuals to achieve objectives; based this decision on using logic models and intuitive decision making.
Check: This test measures the performance of the run, against theobjectives and targets set, the deviations are detected and taken steps to correct them. The control is done at the strategic, tactical level and operational level, the entireorganization is evaluated through a system of management control, on the other side also hire external audits, analyzing and controlling the different functional areas of the organization
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