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South África GMO´s
South Africa feel exited in the investigations of GMOs. Is such that enthusiasm South Africa is one of the leading participants in research into genetically modified foods. InSouth Africa are to opposite sides, the one that promote investigation like Professor Jennifer Thomson of the University of Cape Town’s Department of Molecular and Cell Biology. The other side oppose toGMOs because: safety, effect on natural ecosystems, gene flow into non-GM crops, moral and religious concerns, and corporate control of the food supply.
In South Africa, the import products likeMaize from Angola, Botswana, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. All this countries import the same product made from GMO, and makes cheaper production of other thing in South Africa, this are many advances of GMO`s inthe world. Makes thing cheaper and poor countries like Zimbabwe can have a bit of money.
Labeling GMOs products is very important and necessary in South Africa, is important that the costumers knowwhat he is buying. In 2004 the Department of Health published Regulations Relating to the Labeling of Foodstuffs Obtained through Certain Techniques of Genetic Modification. These regulations don’tapply to imported GMOs products. Is obligatory that GMOs products made in South Africa are label so the public know that they are consuming and the risk they have. Products are labeled mandatory onlywhen there is extreme modification.
In South Africa according to” Disinfectants Act, 1972 (Act, No.54 of 1972)” Genetic Modified Organism products that entered to the country don’t need to be labeled asGMOs products. To each product they are needed some test, and in the importation of the product is needed a certificated with the result of the test.
South Africa had many things in game, byaccepting GMOs. Many companies, universities invested big amounts of money to research and develop GMOs products. With GMOs product South Africa have a great supply of product to the rest of the continent,...
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