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  • Publicado : 6 de junio de 2011
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, to many they have experienced it people and they realize of which the love is full of things, of new feelings and it makes us know the people of different ways. A specific meaning for the love or aspecific description does not exist for this; we hardly know that the love is a feeling that makes us undergo new feelings, after knowledge that exists so many loves as the love of a lover, the loveof an engagement, the love of a marriage, the love of a family, the love of a mother towards their son or the love of a grandmother towards their grandson, who I become the question of if the love isunique towards the same person and for always? Throughout the life the people undergo different types from love. Ever since they are born they are undergoing new feelings. Dice this I begin sayingthat one of these feelings is the treacherous love, the love between lovers, that love that complements one unsatisfied one, one that does not please and that only is had by custom or that I at leastcreate. But also we know that in the life not only treacherous loves exist, also exist lasting loves and sincere already it would be the case of a pair which lasts all their together life, that is to sayas it says the church, a love for always only finishes until it separates them to the death, in short. However, another type of love exists that brings pain feelings consequently, sadness, hatred,rages and madness. Said the previous thing a desperate love or without control could be called, dice the case of a love that leaves the hands where sometimes one gives more than the other or wheresimply one both gets tired; soon the other person frustrates drives crazy and creates not to be able to live without this there, that can arrive to commit suicide or to kill the person who says to love,although sounds to stranger people who are so the way in that she affects to them to separate of the loved person that can get to have psychological upheavals. But on the other hand and or finishing...
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