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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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Research Paper
List of number calories in nuts: 
Nut type | Calories | Fat |
Almond | 610 | 56g |
Brazils nuts | 679 | 68g |
Cashew nuts | 615 | 50g |
Chestnuts | 175 | 3g |
Coconut |626 | 65g |
Hazelnut | 659 | 64g |
Peanuts | 570 | 46g |
Peanut Butter | 630 | 54g |
Pecan nuts | 680 | 70g |
Pistachio nuts (with shells) | 340 | 30g |
Walnuts | 690 | |
| | |It lists calories per 100g of kernels only, weighed without shells.
Calories in nuts are very high as up to 50% of the weight is oil and oil contains more than twice the number of calories per gramcompared to carbohydrates and protein. In the list chestnuts are much lower in calories due to a much higher water content.
Nuts can be a good source of protein, fiber and essential oils however, tokeep nut calories low, only a small handful should be consumed and less frequently. People with an allergy to nuts should always avoid nuts and products containing nuts, the nutrients present in nutcalories can easily be found in other sources lower in calories and fat.

Statement of problem
Which type of nut will produce the most energy?

Walnuts have the most calories then theywill produce more energy.
Find out if nuts have  potential energy stored in them.
Determine which type of nut will have a greater effect on water.

* nuts
* A cork* A needle
* A large metal juice or coffee can
* A small metal can
* A can opener
* A hammer
* A large nail
* A metal BBQ skewer
* About a cup of water
* Athermometer
* Some matches or a lighter

Procedure for preparing equipment
1. Carefully push the eye of the needle into the smaller end of the cork.
2. Then gently push the pointed end of theneedle into a peanut
3. Remove the two ends of the large juice can with the can opener.
4. Using the hammer and nail, have an adult punch holes around the bottom of the large can.
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