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The Last Blade [moves] - NEO Encyclopedia


The Unofficial SNK Neo Geo Games Encyclopedia of Moves & Codes

Kaede Kaede (Awakened) Minakata Moriya Yuki Amano Hyo Kanzaki Juzo Ichijo Akari Genbu no Okina Naoe Shigen Lee Rekka Zantetsu Washizuka Keiichiro Shikyoh

Basic Moves
Weak Slash Weak Punch Weak Kick Power Kick Repelstanding/jumping normal attacks Repel low normal attack Dash forward Hop back Speed Mode - less damage per hit - no tick damage with normal moves - can use chain combos - can do Combo Special when lifemeter is flashing and POW Gauge is full - cannot use Super Desperation Moves Power Mode - more damage per hit - tick damage when normal moves are blocked - cannot use chain combos - can interruptcertain special moves into Desperation Move - can do Super Desperation Moves when lifemeter is flashing and POW Gauge is full - cannot use Combo Special close close Strong Slash Power Slash Low Sweep Kick Overhead Slash Repel standing/jumping special attacks Repel low special attacks Throw Long jump Activate Combo Special * Speed Mode only

* Pounce Attacks can be performed while close to knockedopponent * Desperation Moves can be performed if POW Gauge is full or your lifemeter is flashing red * Chain Combos are available only in Speed Mode. They are normal move combos which are done by a rapid combination of selected button taps and joystick presses. There are several variations at one's disposal, but there is one combo that every character can do: The chain may begin at any point andeach move (except for ) can be interrupted with a special move, Combo Special or DM. * Combo Specials: available only in Speed Mode. To do them you must have a full POW Gauge and a flashing red lifebar. When you activate it, the background switches to a starfield and your character begins to flash blue while the


The Last Blade[moves] - NEO Encyclopedia


POW Gauge slowly decrease. During this time you may do any normal or any special move repeatedly but Desperation Moves cannot be used. All moves become faster, interruptible, and chainable * Super Cancels: available only in Power Mode. To use them you must do the specific move and then the Desperation Move during it. Each character has one special move which canbe Super Cancelled, indicated with !SC

Pounce attacks jump close ? Ittou Hayate Ittou Kuga * follow with * in Power Mode only x3 close Desperation Move Kakusei * became Awakened Kaede Kasshin FukuRyu * hold to delay Super Desperation Move Kasshin KouRyu * hold to delay Ittou RenjinZan !SC Ittou TabaKaze Ittou ArashiUchi

version can be followed

Kaede (Awakened)
Pounce attacksShinmei Hayate Shinmei Kuga * follow version with x3 jump close close Desperation Move Kasshin FukuRyu * hold to delay Kasshin SeiRyu * hold to delay Super Desperation Move Kasshin KouRyu * hold to delay Kasshin SouRyu * hold to delay * Kaede (Awakened) can perform only SDM with Super Cancel Shinmei RenjinZan !SC Shinmei TabaKaze Ittou RaiTei Shinmei ArashiUchi

Minakata Moriya 03/01/04

The Last Blade [moves] - NEO Encyclopedia
Pounce attacks Ittou Oboro Jodan / Chuudan / Gedan * can be canceled with Ittou Shingetsu Ittou Shingetsu Ittou Sogetsu * only in Speed Mode Ittou Shingetsu Ura x3 Ittou TsukiKage !SC Taitou Hogetsu away from opponent to front of opponent behind opponent Desperation Move Kassatsu Izayoi Gekka * hold to delaySuper Desperation Move Kassatsu MidareSetsu Gekka


Pounce attacks HyouJin SouKa ShunSetsuZan !SC HyouKyou close Desperation Move then YukishiMaki Suizan

Super Desperation Move Shin YukishiMaki

Amano Hyo
Pounce attacks Keima no Taka Suzume Sashi !SC Shougi Doushi tap Ibisha Anaguma Ibisha Anaguma Anaguma no Fudoshi Nugi Hisshi * hold to delay Takabisha Desperation Move...
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