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The music (Greek: μουσική [τέχνη] - mousike [techne], "the art of the Muses") is, according to the traditional definition of the term, the art of sensitive and logically organize a coherent mix ofsounds and silences using the principles fundamentals of melody, harmony and rhythm, through the intervention of complex psycho-mood. The concept of music has evolved from its origins in ancient Greece,which met without regard to poetry, music and dance as an art unit. For several decades it has become more complex definition of what is and is not music, as distinguished composers as part ofvarious artistic border, have made works that, although could be considered musical, expanding the limits of the definition of art.
The music, like any art form, is a cultural product. The purpose ofthis art is to provoke an aesthetic experience in the listener, and express feelings, circumstances, thoughts or ideas. The music is a stimulus that affects the individual's perceptual field, so the flowof sound can fulfill various functions (entertainment, communication, environment, etc...).
Today it is common to work with a concept of music based on three core attributes: it uses a sound that isman (and in this sense, artificial) and the aesthetic function prevails. If we take into account only the first two elements of the definition, nothing would differentiate the music of language. Asfor the "aesthetic" is a fairly moot point, so, for example, a "jingle" advertising continues to be music to fulfill a function not aesthetics (trying to sell a commodity). Moreover, talk of a function"aesthetic" presupposes an idea of ​​the music (and art in general) that works independently, outside the functioning of society, as we see in art theory of the philosopher Immanuel Kant.La música (del griego: μουσική [τέχνη] - mousikē [téchnē], "el arte de las musas") es, según la definición tradicional del término, el arte de organizar sensible y lógicamente una combinación...
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