Ciencias fisicas

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Nahir Garcia Rivera

CIFI 3001

Asignación 1

Preguntas para entregar:

Capítulo 1

1. What role does “common sense” play in the scientific method?

2. What is the difference between ahypothesis and a law? Between a law and a theory?

3. What is the basic difference between the Ptolemaic and Copernican models? Why is the Ptolemaic model considered incorrect?

4. Ancientastronomers were troubled by variations in the brightness of the various planets with time. Does the Ptolemaic or the Copernican model account better for these variations?

5. What, if anything,would happen to the shape of the earth if it were to rotate on its axis faster than it does today?


1. El metodo cientifico está en el razonamiento.

2. Law is an exactrule. Hypothesis, may or not be occurred. Law tells us what. Theory tells us why.

3. A Ptolemaic view of the Universe has the Earth at its center. 
The Copernican centers on the sun.

4.Copernican model account in the better for these variations.

5. No, because the earth is around gravity squeezes into that shape.

Capítulo 16

1. Why do comets have tails only in thevicinity of the sun? Why do these tails always point away from the sun, even when the comet is receding from it?

2. How do the orbits of comets compare in shape with the orbits of the planets?

3.On which planets would a person weigh less than on the earth? On which planets would a person weigh more?

4. Why is it very unlikely that there is life on Mercury?

5. Which planets besidesSaturn have rings? What is the nature of these rings?


1. Comets are mostly made of frozen water and sometimes other elements. And when comets come near the Sun that ice will beginto vaporize (because of the heat) and leave a rail of vapor behind the comet. I can’t say for sure why the tail of a comet points away from the Sun.

2. The paths followed by comets that...
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