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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2011
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Imagine this. A sperm cell and an egg have just found each other, and now, they are going to form a beautiful baby in just 9 months. But now, some doctors come and kill the baby just to get stemcells from it. This poor baby is now dead, when he could have been saved using another method to get the stem cells. Now, there is technology modern enough that it lets doctors get stem cells from humanbones by just using a needle that can be stuck in a man’s arm. I am not in favor of the use of stem cells, but if they are taken not from human embryos, well I can handle it. But, the question is, onwhich side are you on?
Stem cells are some very complex cells you can find inside of your body’s bones. The stem cells can be used for practically every other cell that exists in your body. Thismeans that the stem cells can be transformed into any other cell in your body. It could be a skin cell, muscle cell, or even a brain cell. These stem cells can be found mostly in human embryos, or alsosome of them can be found in human bones.
The stem cells are able to cure and save a lot of people. This happens because if, for example, a guy in a hospital is about to die because he doesn’t haveenough blood, doctors could take some stem cells, convert them into blood cells, and put them inside the hospital guy. This way, the doctors saved the man’s life. Stem cells can be used for curing alot of diseases that can put a person’s life in danger. Also, the stem cells are cells that you can store and use in the future, and this is good because maybe when the doctors kill the human embryo,there’s no one that needs the stem cells for their health. But when someone shows up with a disease a while after the doctors had taken the stem cells, they can use those stem cells instead of killinganother embryo.
Now, there are also some bad things about the use of stem cells. First of all, using stem cells means that you are killing a little embryo who was going to be a beautiful baby soon....
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