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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Person 1. Hi, what a great surprise! How have you been?
Person 2. I’ve been fine, thank you; it’s been a while right?
Person 1. Yeah, I think the last time we seen each other was on high school.Person 2. That’s correct, who would think we will reunite on the same class in college? So, are you still with Aureliano?
Person 1. Yes, with ups and downs, but fine in general; just like allcouples. I’m actually surprised that you know that we’re still together.
Person 2. Oh c’mon, we all always knew that you both will share your lives forever. That was meant to be.
Person 1. Well, we arenot married yet, that’s the last thing I need to be completely happy, but we already live together, and I think he will propose soon so, I’m just waiting haha. And you? What’s going on in yourpersonal life? Do you have a boyfriend or something?
Person 2. No, I’m single, since two years exactly. I’m a short-relationships woman, and I think I don’t need a man to be happy. Actually, I have my ownbusiness now, a female underwear store, and I get back to college just as a hobby, and to meet new people of course.
Person 1. I’m not surprise by that, you’ve ever been such a social person, anddon’t say that, you haven’t met the right guy, that’s all. Maybe that guy is right here, maybe is that guy, in that chair.
Person 2. Hahaha, I’m not into short fat guys, but thanks to consider me as apossible girlfriend for him. I prefer our teacher, have you seen him? He’s so handsome; I hope he’s single, and straight, and not jealous, and rich.
Person 1. Well, the good thing is that you arenot exigent. He’s coming now. We should drink something at the coffee house on recess.
Person 2. Oh yeah, I’d love that. Now let’s pay attention.

Persona 1. Hola, ¡qué gran sorpresa! ¿Cómo hasestado?
Persona 2. Muy bien, gracias, ha pasado mucho tiempo ¿verdad?
Persona 1. Sí, creo que la última vez que nos vimos fue en la secundaria.
Persona 2. Es correcto, ¿Quién iba a pensar que nos...
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