Cigarro en honduras

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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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Vintage Cigar Factory 2010
Vintage Cigar Factory S de R.L. is a manufacturer of Premium Handmade cigars located in Danli, El Paraiso, Honduras. The factory is located in the heart of Honduras tobacco growing region and one of the most important places in cigar production worldwide.
Honduras has a long history in tobacco; this story begins with the Mayans who used the tobacco in rituals andreligious ceremonies. The tobacco was known by the Spanish in 1942 with the arrival of Columbus. It is not known with accuracy the exact location of the origin of tobacco but Honduras has a rich history in planting, processing and manufacturing tobacco.
Due to the properties of soil, perfect climate, skilled human resources and decades of experience in planting tobacco, Honduras has become one of theleading countries both in the planting of tobacco and in the production of handmade premium cigars.
Our production capacity is of 9,000 daily premium cigars. Our factory specializes in making private label cigars for companies and cigar sellers around the world, we manage all the process starting with making a new tobacco blend for each customers market, wooden boxes, printing of rings, printingof health warning in different languages and any other specification requested by the customer.
The company can make different sizes of cigars from small ones like cigarillos to big rings up to 60 ringage also figurados are available in different shapes and sizes. The customer can request his own cigar size that is suitable for his market. All our cigars are handmade and made only with naturalproducts. We have more than 20 sizes of cigars available in our daily production process.
Vintage cigar has grown into a boutique manufacturer. Our premium cigars and cigarillos are sold in over 20 countries throughout the world, starting in the biggest markets. Today, our factory is synonymous with uncompromising quality. Our total and complete commitment in quality and service has made ourcompany a success in the cigar industry. Now our cigars are sold in the biggest and most important markets in the world; United Sates of America, Greece, Cyprus Poland, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Israel Jordan, Turkey, Malaysia, South Africa, Japan and Peoples Republic of China just to mention.
Our wide selection of hand made products make our company successful in all this markets, our priorityis to produce the best handmade cigars at the best prices. All our raw material is carefully inspected and handpicked from each of our suppliers. Vintage Cigar have joint ventures with tobacco grower in Honduras, Nicaragua and Ecuador, this gives our company access to many kinds of tobacco at the lower costs possible.
Vintage Cigar Factory 2010
Tobacco Growing
To understand the cigarmanufacturing and quality we have to understand the tobacco growing process. To start a good quality tobacco plantation you need the right kind of soil to grow tobacco, you need rich soil full of nutrient and minerals to get the best tobacco possible. Honduras is one of the best areas for tobacco growing, its climate and weather makes perfect conditions to grow one the best tobaccos in the market. TheHonduran tobacco has strength and aroma that gives the perfect balance to the cigars.
In the first stage the seedbed for wrapper is cover with a special fabric to protect them from the direct sunlight, this tobacco is used in wrapper only, the low exposure to sun makes this leaves thinner which is perfect for cigar rolling.
Tobacco plant germinating (wrappers)
From the beginning every type of tobaccogo throw separated ways. The wrapper is plant separately and kept inside the hot-house to protect them from weather factors and fungus attacks. It takes 30 to 45 days to the plant to develop and reach 10cm, once this time is passed it is planted in the fields, every tobacco plant need 6 month to complete the full growing process.
Tobacco filler seedbeds.
Vintage Cigar Factory 2010
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