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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2011
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It was another voting season in 1860. The U.S. was going to elect the 16th president of the Unites States of America. In November 6, Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Soon after that, thestates that supported slavery, such as Georgia, South Carolina and Texas started to complain about Abraham Lincoln. The Civil war begins after 50 confederate cannons opened fire under General PierreBeauregard, to Fort Sumter in April 12, 1861. Abraham Lincoln after realizing this sent some women spies to the South. Trains and battle field cars with soldiers passed by. It was never used by spiessuch as Harriet. They didn’t have the food of soldiers. She didn’t have the haversack with soldier rations. Spies were treated even worstly than soldiers. Harriet missed her family and friends,always worrying about their safety. Six months ago she lived in the North, with a little house. She was humble so she needed the job of a spy.
Harriet Lincoln, a Union spy along with Marylyn, hercompanion, went to the South to get geographical information for the Union army. Harriet had this dream to mark and change history. 3 months passed and these 2 women kept sending messages through themilitary telegraph with the hot climate in the South.
On July 12, 1861 there was a meeting with the heads of the Confederate army in Richmond. The pair of Union spies decided to go and hear crucialinformation. When they arrived, both of them stood there and had heard the conversation. Then, all of a sudden, 2 big men took both of them by their arms and said:
“What do you think you are doinghere?” said the one squeezing Harriet’s arm.
“Humm, we were just passing by.” said Harriet like she believed her own lie.
“Yeah, right.” said the one grabbing Marylyn. “Let’s take them toLieutenant Lee.”
They were taken by force to a small tent where a man sitting there saw both of them. Lee told them to leave.
“Hello, I ‘am Robert E. Lee. Who are you?” said Lee like he had done this...
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