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the story is about a girl who lost her mother and her father gets mrried with and other woman who has two mean daughters who punish and tell off cindirella and made her to day the father gets on a trip and the mean daughters ask him for jewelry and spensive dresses and cindirella ask him for a twig.
After that cndirella plants the twig in the grave of hermother and from tha twig grows a big tree and all the days cindirella went to pray to the tree and one day a white bird satisfays her whishes.
one day a prince made up a party and invites everyonebut the stepmother of cindirella dont let her go, so she ask to the bird for a dress.
the prince fell in love at first sight and he dance with cindirella, this happen during tree nights and at thethird night cindirella forgots her shoe.
so a lot of things happend and in the end the prince founds cindirella and married her and live happy forever.

The wolf and the seven little goatsThis story is about a family of goats, the mother and her seven sons and a bad wolf.
One day the goat mother gets out of the house and told her sons to be careful about the wolf because he isvery wise and cheater and can trick them to open him the door so he can eat them.
The mother is gone and wolf come to the house and start tricking them and after a lot of intents he can enter thehouse and eat all of the little goats except the little one.
After that the mother get back and the little goat tell her what happen so they go and search the wolf and when the found him theyopen his belly and the six goats were alive, and they put in his belly stones so when the wolf went to drink water he drowned.
It’s a very similar to red cap story.

a prefer the disney versionover the grimm version. i didnt like the part about the tree and the grave , defenitly i prefer fairys than pidgeons.
i think that cindirella was in fact crazy and imagine all those things.
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