Cirque du freak

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United Kingdom toke Darren Shan or by real name Darren o’ Shaughnessy published his 1st book in the of the Cirque Du Freak saga. Called “Hunters Of The Dusk”. Making him one of the most recognized authors in the 21st century for young readers.
Darren Shan was born in London, but at an early age he moved to Limerick, Ireland, with his parents and younger brother. He grew up watching old Draculahorror movies and reading spooky comics, which were the inspirations for this story. (Shan, Hunters Of The Dusk, 2002)

Working for a cable television company in Limerick, Ireland, wasn’t really his passion, or in other words he didn’t feel comfortable working there for the rest of his life, he dedicated full time being a writer. He began writing short stories, comic strips, and books that henever took the time to finish. He started liking writing so he dedicated and focused on novels more than short stories. His first novels were focused on adult readers. But he then thought on writing for children and so he did.

Cirque Du Freak was going to be a single book, I also write adult books and this was the first time I had written a children's book so I had no idea whether it was going towork or not, I did know it was going to have an open ended finish so that there might be room for one or two sequels, but I had no idea it was going to be such a big long series. (Pike, 2002)
January of 2000 at the age of 27, he published his first book Cirque Du Freak, which he had written just for fun. Surprisingly with the book attracted positive reviews and an army of new fans who had readthe book the anxiety to read and learn more about vampires, but not just from any place, they wanted another book to read from the now recognized author Darren Shan.
Being happy and surprised at the same time, He started loving to write for children, that for the next couple of years he dedicated his time just on those books, making it a total of 12 in The Saga Cirque Du Freak. After finishing hiswriting to young readers he has now returned to his other and first love, books for adults.
Originally I just wanted to do a book about vampires because I liked horror movies and books and vampires are my favorite creatures. (Pike, 2002)

Giving his passion for horror movies and his curiosity about vampires Darren Shan came up with the saga Cirque Du Freak, which he wanted to change the sameold Dracula stories everybody has read or heard about vampires, with totally different characteristics and perspective about them.
Having to change this Darren Shan came up with a whole new world of characters who a vampire would hang out with, creatures that have their place in humanity and wouldn’t be that rare for us to see or hear about.
To come up with the characters Darren Shan playedwith different ordinary names and lots of imagination he came up with all the names for the characters in his book. For example Mr. Crepsly (one of the main characters) who his first idea was to be Mr. Creepy but he didn’t want it to sound so childish so he played around with it until he got to that name.

Some said Mr. Tiny was an agent of fate – his first name was Desmond, and if you shortened itand put the two names together, you got Mr. Destiny. (Shan, Hunters Of The Dusk, 2002,pg. 44)

Here we have an example on how the author plays around with names to give them to his characters.
Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of writing?
I love reading; I think every writer loves reading because if you don't like reading books you're in the wrong business writing them. I lovewatching movies and watching football, I'm a Tottenham supporter and I'm in London at the moment so II go to Tottenham home games. I like going for walks and travelling. (Pike, 2002)

Taking other book for example made up a creative mind like Darren and made him write this awesome Saga, that is now one of the most read by young readers across the world.
One dusk I awoke with a feeling of...
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