Cirugias roboticas

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  • Publicado : 4 de febrero de 2011
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Dec. 16, 2010
Robotic Surgeries
My father said to me that a surgery could be defined as “a medical procedure, which uses manual and instrumental techniques on a person to help this person with acertain condition such as a disease or injury” (Russe José, MD). This would help bodily functions or appearance. There are many types of surgeries, but the two well known are the traditional opensurgery, and thanks to the technological advances, robotic surgeries. Nowadays, many people think that robots are the future in the medical field. However; there are some advantages and advances roboticsurgeries have as well as disadvantages. Overall, people prefer robotic surgeries instead of the traditional open surgery and it is mainly because of the advantages it has.
The type of surgery thatmost Americans know of is the traditional “open surgery.” In this type of surgery, long incisions are made on the patient to help the surgeon or surgeons operate. Since we, society, have just recentlydiscovered some advances in technology, I would say that the traditional open surgery is the most common around the world. There are many complications that patients undergo in a common open surgerysuch as blood loss, and some risk of infection after the surgery is done. After the surgery, the patients will have to remain in the hospital for recovery until the doctor says they can leave, and whilein the hospital, they could start some type of therapy for full recovery of the surgery. However, in comparison with robotic-assisted surgeries it is different. For example when comparing in a kidneysurgery, “on a average, robotic-assisted surgery was 50 percent faster (98-minute versus 145-minute average), resulted in 60 percent less blood loss (40ml versus 101ml average), and required atwo-day hospital stay, versus a 3.5 days…” (W.F.U. Bapt. Medical Center, Robotic-assisted Option.)
However, robotic surgeries or robotic-assisted surgeries have some disadvantages. Nowadays, common...