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Using the Cisco ATA186 with the Net2Phone Network


Beta Trial December 2002- February 2003
Version 1.0

1. Overview 3
2. Support 3
3. Feedback 3
4. ATA186 Software 3
5. Configuration Settings 3
6. Network Configuration 4
6.1 If a DHCP server is available 4
6.2 If a DHCP server is not available 4
6.3 NTP server configuration 5
7. SampleCisco ATA 186 Configuration 6
8. NATs/PATs 7
9. Dialing From an ATA186 7


This document contains information required in order to use the SIP device Cisco® ATA 186 Analog Telephone Adaptor on the Net2Phone network. This document provides information on how to populate necessary values in the configuration file.

Cisco documentation on the ATA186, including a configuration andinstallation guide can be found at the following URL:

Note: This is a draft document and subject to change based on results of certification and first use by early adopters.


For all technical issues regarding the use of the ATA186 on the N2P network please email andplace “ATA186” in the subject line.


Please email or call the ATA186 product manager , 973-438-3214 to provide feedback on the use of the ATA186 running on the Net2Phone network. This includes configuration issues, call quality, suggestions, comments etc…

ATA186 Software

All tests were performed using release 2.15 of the ATA186 software. It isrecommended that the ATA186 be upgraded to this release or later.

Configuration Settings

The following fields need to be populated correctly in order to gain access to the Net2Phone network:

|Field |Value |
|UID0 |DID number for Line 1 or analphanumeric name for user. |
|UID1 |DID number for Line 2 or an alphanumeric name for user. |
|LoginID0 |Net2Phone account number for Line 1 |
|LoginID1 |Net2Phone account number forLine 2. A separate account number must be used for the second line. |
| |Leave blank if only using one line. |
|PWD0 |Pin for Net2Phone account number for Line 1 |
|PWD1 |Pin for Net2Phoneaccount number for Line 2. Leave blank if only using one line |
|GkOrProxy |Net2Phone SIP proxy. For production proxy, specify ‘’. For access to test proxies,|
| |ask development for current IP address or domain name. |
|Gateway |0|
|Gateway2 | |
|UseLoginID |1 |
|UseSIP |1|
|NATIP | (See Section 8 for use with NAT/PATs) |
|SipPort |5060 |
|OutboundProxy |0...
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