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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2012
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I woke up. I was stunned. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. I was in an old factory, the walls were black, had pictures with bloody pictures and some ships. It was creepy. He was wearing a blue T-shirt, gray pants and a hideous white sneakers totally broken. 
Was not going to cheat, I was afraid. Very afraid. It felt very strange, I hadchills. I do not know if it would be much chance, but he was alone. Do not know what to do, I was confused.Actually, that site was very strange. It looked like a factory, but probably would not. The first thing I did was get up, but carefully, because I was a little dizzy. Then I looked around me.

The site was very large, very much. It seemed the right place to make a scary movie. What I preguntavawas how he got here. Did not understand. Last thing I remember before I fell insconziente was that I was taking a shower. Certainly came into my house while I was showering, hit me and brought me here. Opposite me was a door, went running to try and open, but it was impossible, was locked. But anyway, keep trying out of desperation I had. But I could not, no way. Then I started to scream - thereanyone here, eo, anyone? -, Nothing, no one answered.After a while, and tried again - please someone? Hello - but nothing, no contestava. It was all very strange. Suddenly, I saw a small note on the wall. I went to read it. I flipped out. I was scared.


The note said, - For people who are here, to let you know, you're gonna die. If you want to live, you have to find a key-. For me, the strange thing is that the note said that would all die, but only I was. But I thought, that person alomejor killer who was supposed to bring to any victim. 

This would be a crazy idea. Sure. I looked down, and saw him, I saw a small hatch. There were some small stairs to the ground floor.
Without thinking, but carefully, I went down to investigate and find out something. When Iwas down, I heard a noise. It was a noise of a chainsaw. I wondered for a moment if there was someone down there. With a little scared, I kept falling. I had to figure out what that noise was. I came down, I looked and I said, - I will not leave here alive -. That nastiness. It was all very unpleasant. I saw blood on the walls, people decapitated bodies hung from the ceiling and bottles. 
It wasincredibly disgusting. Were undecided. Do not know what to do, whether to go to that site so shocking and so scary or climb up again to try to find the key and get out of there quickly.Although good, do what that would make sure it would be very dangerous. Finally, I made ​​a decision. I decided to enter this site so disgusting. I do not know how I got here, and certainly the only way to find outwas to go into that seedy courtyard. What was clear, had to find out what was happening. I could not stay without knowing what was going on here. 


Upon entering, to my right, I saw a poster hanging a hooded murderer cut the head of a human being. I do not want to think. I did not want to think that I had done everything that would be the murderer of the poster. I wentahead. It was a very gruesome and horrifying. I felt very tired and very restless, because he had just come in, and it gave a sense of horror. I do not want to imagine what would come later. Suddenly, I felt a chill that I was paralyzed throughout the body. I heard a scream of pain one person. Something was happening, and very bad. I kept walking.Again. That person, who was, and cried again, this timemuch stronger. I do not know who that person would be doing, but of course, no good. Still ahead. Now, I entered a very narrow corridor. The hallway was completely dark. I lit a cigarette, which was all that task brings up. In that hall there was nothing, just a front door which was about 20 meters. I kept walking. Just my remaining 8 meters to reach the door. Finally, I arrived. The funny...
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