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Paris is more than 2,000 years old. It developed around on a center on an island in the river that is the present-day Ile de la Cité.
In ancient times Paris was conquered by Julius Caesar in 52 BC(Before Christ) and existed as a regional center under the Romans and in the early Middle Age.
In 987 Hugh Capet, Count of Paris, became king of France and under his successors, the nation’scapital became established.
The people of Paris first declared themselves an independent commune under the leadership of Etienne Marcel in 1355-1358. Paris also played a major role in the revolutions of1830 and 1848. French radicals briefly established the commune of Paris. During World War I the Germans were prevented from reaching Paris, but they occupied the city during World War II from 1940 to1944. Paris was again the scene of violence during the student riots of 1968.
Paris today maintains its importance, character, and charm, though its appearance is being transformed by structures suchas the Beaubourg and by the ambitious grand projects building program carried out under the presidency of François Mitterrand. Planning for Paris and the Paris Basin region includes consideration oflarge land areas in the Seine River valley all the way to the mouth of the river.
Paris is very well known as the ambassador of love and The City of the Lights. It is called The City of the Lightsbecause the Eiffel Tower which is called The Big Lamp. Paris has a famous monument which is called The Eiffel Tower. In Paris their original language is french. In there many people can fall in love.On Las Vegas they did a same monument of The Eiffel Tower. The people in Paris they drive on the right side.
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The beautiful Paris at dayThe beautiful Paris at night

Paris’s church

The park around The Eiffel Tower
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