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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2011
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While the old man was dreaming with the lions, the boy started to think, “Why is it that the old man has such bad luck to catch a fish?” he was trying to come up with a reason, when all of a sudden the old man started to wake up and looked at the boy and said “ boy, have you been looking at me all this time ?” and the boy said “ no old man, I was just wondering why is it that you have such badluck”, the old man sat on the bed and looked at the boy and said “,” sometimes life isn’t fair Manolin, but just because life can be sometimes cruel and plays tricks on us, doesn’t mean we should give up, these are tests that God sends to us to make us be better people and make us stronger. For example so many people in the world have lot’s of money and do not care for others, but deep inside ofthem they feel empty and lonely. But we are poor, but we enjoy life even though we do not have money, or a nice home or sometimes don’t always get what we want”. The boy looked at him and thought, the old man is right, life is not about always getting what you want. The old man got up and walked towards the door and looked at the sea in front of him and said “ Even though I haven’t caught a fish in along time, doesn’t make me a looser, because I always enjoy and love to be out at sea and feel the salty breeze against my face and hear the movement of the ocean”.
It was starting to get dark and the boy said to the old man that he would we back, he was going to get some supper but the old man wasn’t hungry he just wanted to go back to sleep, so he told the boy that they would have supper thenext day and that now he just wanted to rest. The boy said to the old man “ good night old man, sleep well, I will bring you some breakfast tomorrow” and Santiago smiled at him and said “ thank you Manolin for being such a great friend, if it weren’t for you I would be so lonely”, the boy was just about to go out the door when he turned around and said “ I missed you all this time old man … imglad that you are back” the boy smiled back and left.
The old man blew out the small candle that was on the floor and went back to sleep, he fell into a deep sleep, this time he wasn’t dreaming with lions but with the fish that he had caught and lost with the battle he had with the sharks. In the dream the fish was alive and full of life, this time he was not on the boat but in the ocean with thefish and the fish stared to swim underneath him and all of a sudden the old man was on top of the fish and was grabbing on to his big purple back, at first the old man was scared and thought the fish would want to hurt him after he had killed him in real life, but after a while the old man started to feel relaxed and enjoy it, all of a sudden he started to panic again and thought to himself, “wereis the fish taking me, what if he takes me far out into the ocean and decides to leave me in the middle of no where and I drown”, while he finished thinking this he heard a voice, he couldn’t figure out who or what it was, where it was coming from, he just heard the voice say “ don’t worry old man everything will be fine you just have to trust me”, the old man said to himself “ I know that thisis a dream, so maybe it’s already morning and the boy is the one speaking to me and trying to wake me up from this dream, but why would he say old man don’t worry everything will be fine you just have to trust me?” . He tried to wake up but he could not wake up, and he said to himself “ why can’t I wake up? Why?. The old man heard the same voice again, it said to him “ old man accept it , you justhave to trust me”, the old man still couldn’t figure out where the voice was coming from, he said “ where swimming in the middle of the ocean, there is no human being here, the only living soul here is me and the fish” .
While all this was happening, the fish swam and swan far out into the deep blue ocean and the old man feel asleep on top of the marlin. When the old man woke up, he was still...
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