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Wheel TractorScrapers


Cat® 3408E Tractor Engine Net Power Gears 1-2 Gears 3-8 Gross Power Gears 1-2 Gears 3-8 Cat® 3306 Scraper Engine

631G 336 kW/450 hp 365 kW/490 hp 358 kW/480 hp 384 kW/515 hp –

637G 336 kW/450 hp 365 kW/490 hp 358 kW/480 hp 384 kW/515 hp 186 kW/250 hp

631G and 637G Tractor-Scrapers
Highly productive earthmoving machines, built to last.Operator Station ✔ Standard enclosed ROPS which features a redesigned cab interior that delivers enhanced operator comfort, efficiency, and productivity. Features include standard air-conditioning, greater legroom, a single lever joystick control, and a redesigned control layout. pg. 4

Electronic Controls The electronic controls respond to operator commands and input from onboard sensors to optimizemachine performance. In addition, the electronic controls provide advanced diagnostic capabilities that result in better machine availability. pg. 6

Power Train Features The power train features an integrated electronic control system which provides continuous communication between the engine, transmission, and operator. pg. 7

Scraper Bowl Cellular construction which features a wide cuttingedge and a low profile design to optimize loads. pg. 11

Auger Arrangement Provides self-loading capability with a Caterpillar® designed and manufactured auger system. pg. 12

Quick loading, high travel speeds and the ability to load and dump on the run yield fast cycle times, allowing Caterpillar Wheel Tractor-Scrapers to consistently deliver high productivity at the lowest cost per ton.

2 Power Train Caterpillar 3408E engine, with the HEUI™ fuel system that uses hydraulic electronic unit injectors, and eightspeed power shift transmission combine to form a responsive, highly fuel efficient power train. pg. 8

Transmission Caterpillar planetary powershift transmission design offers greater load carrying capacity than competitive designs by providing a larger contact areabetween gears. Individual clutch modulation provides fast, smooth shifts and improved serviceability. pg. 9

Advanced Modular Cooling System ✔ (AMOCS) Caterpillar exclusive technology improves serviceability and cooling capability. pg. 10

Push-Pull Arrangement (637G) Designed for maximum productivity while providing the flexibility for selfloading, push-pull loading or standard push loading. pg. 13Electronically Controlled Cushion Hitch Accumulator system dampens road shocks, and helps prevent loping, and lock down for precise control. pg. 14

Serviceability Simplified service means more productive uptime. pg. 15

✔ New feature


Operator Station
Has been redesigned for enhanced operator comfort, efficiency, and productivity.


Legroom. A new design increases legroom11%, a full 88.9 mm and eliminates knee contact points. Standard Enclosed ROPS. Standard enclosed ROPS with air conditioning enhances operator comfort as well as efficiency. Multi-Adjustable Seat. The Cat® Comfort Cloth Seat offers comfort with multi-adjustable seat and armrests. ■ Swivels and locks in four positions (0˚ to 30˚) providing the optimum operating position in the cut or on the haul. ■Fore/aft and vertical height adjustment to accommodate various sized operators. Seat Suspension. The new standard seat suspension redefines the ride of scrapers. It features a self contained air compressor with a high performance air shock absorber. Joystick Controller. Simple and easy to operate, the joystick enhances the productivity of operators of all skill levels. Requires less force tocontrol the critical scraper functions and requires less lever travel. 1 Bowl (forward & back) 2 Ejector (side to side) 3 Apron (thumb rocker switch) 4 Transmission Hold 5 Cushion Hitch Trigger* (not shown - is on front of joystick) ■ Auger (on/off) ■ 637G only: Push-Pull (bail up/down)
* Standard open bowl does not have a trigger.

1 (Down) (Down) 4 5 3 2 (Forward) (Forward) 2 (Return) (Return)...
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