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  • Publicado : 8 de mayo de 2011
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Pand: Hello my friend, how you doing?
Thom: Great, even though yesterday I was with Carlos, the attourney of the town
Pand: And what did he say about our friend? Did you talk to him about it?Thom: Of course, but I am concerned with it, because he told me that our friend Raven has to be in jail for long time
Pand: Oh damn! Did you say him Raven isn’t a convict?
Thom: Yes I did, and also Ishowed him the affidavit
Pand: Oh good, and what did he do according to that?
Thom: He said that he was going to check it, and as a result he was going to do something
Pand: I know that Ravenacted so badly, but he is not a defendant, I am completely sure that he is acquitted and he shouldn’t use a bail
Thom: Yes, I think so, but the bench is who decide what is gonna happen with Raven? Orwhat do you think?
Pand: How long was he book?
Thom: one month and three days, why?
Pand: Because the Common Law says that one case after one month and a eight days can be called dismiss
Thom:Really? OMG so five days are missing, is too short but also much time
Thom: Yes it is. But I haven’t told you something, the attourney told me that Raven has a double jeopardy, because he at the jailhas made use of the fine and the forgery.
Pand: OMG, why did he do that? Is he getting crazy?
Thom: I was talking with his mother and she told me that she presented a habeus corpus.
Pand: But Idon’t think that is gonna be successful, because he has felon
Thom: yes, it is and I suppose God forbidden, he is gonna be an indictment.
Pand: Hummm, and I have to tell something that his mothersaid to me, Pandora, his exwife is in the jury. So it is gonna be a real problem for him because she knows everything about what Raven did and does.
Thom: Yes, it is a real problem. Poor Raven.
Pand:Pandora is able to do an libel and to waive for making to let him in prison, she is so bad.
Thom: But again, I am completely sure that Raven is not guilty and the jury is gonna sentence that he...
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