Clase del cuerpo humano

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3. Juego las partes del cuerpo

Dar a cada niño una fotocopia de las partes del cuerpo colorearlas y luego ellos cortaran todas las cartas.(

Enséñele cada tarjeta alos niños y preguntar "¿Qué es?" ellos responden "Es un / una..."
Después de mostrar y saber el nombre de cada parte se le explica a los niños cómo jugar con las partes del cuerpo. Ellos sedividen en parejas.
Y en la mesa o el suelo ponen todas las tarjetas cada niño tiene un turno para mostrarle al compañero la tarjeta y el otro niño dirá el nombre de la parte del cuerpo que esta enla a tarjeta, para ganar deben decir todas las partes del cuerpo.

My name is Viviana Jackeline Palacio, I was born in November 15, 1976, I´m 31 years old. I´m from Medellín but I live in Bello. Iteach elementary school all subjects. I go to work every day from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. I study English at the University of Antioquia, on Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

I have one son and onedaughter, their names are: Lucas and Sara. My husband is security agent and he works in the airport.

I’m tall, slim, I have big black eyes, I have brown skin. My hair is black and straight. I’mfriendly, responsible and kind. I like help people when they need help.

I like to share time with kids, especially with my children. I like to study pedagogy or things related with the work.Also I like dancing and it’s very good. I like swimming but I don’t practice much, I don’t exercise very often. I like to listen to pop music very much. I don’t like sleeping in the afternoon; I don’tlike bad tempered people.

He is Juan Carlos, He is from Medellín, but he lives in San Javier. He works in Santa Teresa School, he teaches Spanish, ethics, social science; his favouriteactivity is to read about story, scientific topic. He plays soccer and he does it quite good, he also likes poetry.

He is tall, slim, his hair is black and short, he has white skin, and he wears...
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