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You can storyboard your session which might look as follows:
1. Introductory instructions and ground rules for participants.
2. Breakdown the overall session into segments.3. Identify the learning objective of each segment and the content that you will use in this segment.
4. Delivery method in each segment, plan what will you be showing or doing at eachstage.
5. Technical checklist — Identify the technology that will have to be turned on, or in place, for the delivery method to work. Start application sharing. Convert and load PowerPointfiles.
The Technical checklist serves as a to-do list.
6. Identify who will speak and what they will say at each point.
7. Plan your interactions and instructions for activities,polls, and open-ended questions for each segment.
8. Schedule regular relevant interactions, particularly questions, throughout the session.
9. Think about what responses the participantsare likely to say or do. List likely answers to an open-ended question, points of confusion on the activity, and reminders about using the
10. Plan how participants will do anactivity and tell them to respond appropriately. “Please click on your answer in the polling list you see on your screen.”
11. Agree your session follow up activities.

Virtual classrooms:an overview
Steve Rayson and Mark Aberdour

Prepare su primera presentación con algún tema que se sienta cómodo. La lista anterior le da algunos consejos. Haga pruebas con anterioridad paraque en el momento de la clase todo salga bien.

Aproveche las ventajas que le provee su herramienta: chat, pizarra interactiva, sistemas de votación, sistemas de preguntas, ...

Nos vemos en suclase virtual.


Planificación de clase

Fecha: 23 Junio
Hora: 20 horas (inicio)

Tema: 1.-Visualizar tarea 3, material multimedial en Autoplay. Modelo para Proyecto...
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