Clasroom discipline

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l observed a seven grade English class, with a length of two hours, in Luis Amigo high school, there were about 39 to 42 students per, a high number of students in a class, during the process of mywhole observation what called my attention the most was the discipline problems that took place in in every single lesson, a common phenomenon in public primary schools in Colombia, and one of theproblems teacher had to deal with when l observed, the purpose of this report is to describe a problematic and then try to find a way to solve it, so long we have to first know what discipline problem is.There are many definitions about discipline problems here l quote some of them to have a clear concept of this theme, Levin and Nolan (2000, 21) describe it as any behavior that disrupts theteaching act and is psychologically or physically unsafe. To emmer et al (2000) discipline problems is the violating of a school expectation interfering with the process of teaching and learning.
Thisphenomenon affected the normal development of the classes l observed and a possible solution for this concern is the use of several interventions strategies which will help the teacher to manage better theclassrooms when discipline problems start.
1. Establishing a school-wide behaviour support system.
Elements of a school-wide system include school rules, teaching appropriate behaviour,intervention plans, positive reinforcement for behaviour, and teaching of social skills.
2. Assisting students in the development of resiliency skills.
Resiliency is the ability to “bounce back” fromadversity, to overcome the negative influences or risk factors that often stop students from becoming successful. Teachers can help students develop resiliency by providing opportunities or using strategiesthat are supportive.
3. Assisting students in developing prosocial skills.
Prosocial skills are proactive strategies taught to students to ensure that they obtain the necessary skills required to...
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