Class notes (history) - prehistory

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Lecture 2 – September 27, 2010

Minoans/Crete 2000-1400bc (first civilization to develop in Greece and anywhere in Europe)Myceneans/Mycenae 1600-1100 (the first Greeks)
Dark Age 1100-800
Archaic Age 800-500

Olive oil, wine, pottery was the clay ofGreece – the main export of Greece. That was the stuff that other people wanted.

Greece is close to Egypt, Mesopotamia. (Read Chapter 1). It allowed the Greeks to trade and also to learn from theseancient people. They didn’t need writing or the invention of the wheel. It had already happened.

But they were far enough away from those people that they were never attacked or conquered (from anyempires from the East). As a result, they were able to form an independent civilization. Civilization started on 2000BC. The first civilization was the Minoan and lived on the island of Crete. Theywere the first civilization in Europe and Greece. But they were not Greek at all, because they didn’t speak the language or practiced their religion. Where did they come from? From a nearby island.Their civilization lasted about 600 years until 1400BC until their civilization was destroyed. Nobody really knows what happed or who was responsible, but it is thought that the Myceneans overtook theirland. They are considered the first Greeks. They migrated into Greece from the north.

The Minoans thought the Myceneans their civilization and got them into trading, but they wereungraceful and destroyed them. They made money to survived due to their quickly adaption to the civilization. They weren’t politically unified and were divided into dozens of independent city/states.Mycenae (Central/Southern Greece) was the largest civilization and it had about 200,000 thousand habitants.

Dark Age
Mysteriously all civilizations were destroyed (95% of the people were gone)....
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