Classroom management ideas

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  • Publicado : 21 de enero de 2011
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ESL and TEFL teachers often do not have class management training that their primary school colleagues benefit from. Without preparation it can be somewhat of a shock totake on a classroom of energetic children.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you contain your pupils' enthusiasm to a manageable level.

The email is divided into the basics, handy tips andinstant attention getters.

The Basics

Have your pupils define the rules in the first lesson, and post them on the wall for reference. Knowing WHY a rule is in place makes it easier to keep.You must establish the rules on day one and stick to them!

Be consistent in applying your rules. If you are arbitrary about how you dish out your rewards or 'consequences', or punishments you willundermine the rules themselves.

Praise good behavior to generate love and self-esteem. Whatever you do, avoid being like so many parents who spend their whole time telling their children, "don't dothis", and "don't do that". By focusing on the positive in order to draw more attention to it you apply the universal law of "you attract what you focus on".

If you are working in a school knowthe law and rules of your institution before you go into the classroom.

Handy Tips

There is nothing so sweet as the sound of one's own name. So use an individual's name for praise and avoid usingit when ticking someone off.

I would ask a naughty student, "Do you want me to speak to your Dad?" By asking them the question you give them the power to choose, whereas if you threaten them with"I will call your Dad if you do not behave", you take the initiative away and seem tyrannical.

Prevention is better than cure, so try giving boisterous students an important task BEFORE they startto play up. They may respond well to the responsbility.

Do not break your own rules by raising your voice to be heard. Instead talk quietly or stop and wait. Your pupils should know that for...
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