Classroom management

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Classroom management

• Do you read clearly and loudly enough?
• Do you stumble over difficult words?
• Is your intonation good?
• Do you sound as if you care about whatyou are reading?
• Is your board work well organized (or is it a mess by the end of your lesson)?
• Is your writing legible?
• Can you write reasonably quickly on the board?• Are you happy with machines?
• Can you load the machines quickly and correctly?
• Do you know what to do if they don´t work?

What to do?

• Check the language you are goingto use (books, tapes, videos, etc)
• Make sure you are familiar with the language.
• Speak the words/phrase/sentences aloud to make sure you pronounce everything correctly and speak clearly.• Rehearse.
• If possible, take courses yourself.
• Ask other people for help.
• Practice writing on the board, before class.
• Get familiar with any equipment you have touse. Read the manuals or ask for help. Check it before you actually get into your class.

Know your students

Previous experience
Attitudes to English

Know theplace where you work

• What is the usual form of address for students – first names, family names, both?
• Are there any rules about suitable dress for teachers?
• Is it normal practicefor each teacher to clean the board at the end of each lesson?
• What kind of plans are you required to prepare? Who are you required to give them to? Where are you required to keep them?
•Are you expected to write out your lesson plans in a particular form?
• How often is homework normally given?
• How much homework should be given?
• How is the collecting and returningof homework arranged?
• What system is used for recording grades? Are weekly/monthly/records needed?
• What must you do if you are unable to go to school one day?
• What is your...
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