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  • Publicado : 20 de diciembre de 2011
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Claudia: Hello, viewers! We are in the anthill in channel four
Today, we have here one promise of the cinema, Ingrid vancol. She’s a famous actresswho’s finish the new film the Addams family
-Hello Ingrid.

Andrea: hello Nicole! Thanks for invite me. I feel very good staying here.
-how are you?

Claudia: five, thanks. I see thatyou are very well

Andrea: yes.

Claudia: well, we talk about your part in the film your future your hobbies etc
- What was your experience shooting the film?

Andrea: well, I feel goodand satisfied with my job. My part wasn’t very difficult. Compared to the other actors, the script was easy and funny

Claudia: what character does in the Addams family?

Andrea: I wasthe child called miercoles Addams, the daughter of Gomez and mortician

Claudia: and how is she?

Andrea: she is a child or teenager who lives in the very big dark mansion with her parents,her two brothers, her uncle, her grandma and she always. Playing pranks with her oldest brother it’s funny but she never smiles

Claudia: were you indentified with her?

Andrea: no,because she’s very sad and I like smile and the funny things.

Claudia: well, I think that you don’t fit into that facet of your character.

Andrea: yes because I like the gothic theme.Claudia: well, now we talk about your campaigners of the film are you make a friendship with them?

Andrea: yes they are very funny persons and I am very happy with they I have got manyfriends from this film and others

Claudia: about your future, do you think that you will be doing new films the next years?

Andrea: I think so, and I will win one prize one day.

Claudia:I hope see you take a prize in the Oscars

Andrea: thanks…

Claudia: well thanks for coming here but the time finish now see you in other occasion in the

Andrea: thanks bye
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