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Dr Angela Jackson




Aims Through history, film, literature and current affairs, this course aims to raise key issues relating to the subject of citizenship. The main recurring themes throughout the course are: Equality Freedom Rights and ResponsibilitiesThe Perils of Complacency

Preparation Students should read Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell (1945). It is available in English on line at Students should also read the extracts in the Course Dossier.

Lectures Lectures will highlight certain aspects of the historical context of citizenship and illustrate these through the analysis of scenes from films andthe texts in the Course Dossier. Extracts from the following films will be shown during the lectures: Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1927) The International Brigaders Among Us (2010) Bend it Like Beckham (2002) Life of Brian (1979) 1984 (1984)

Assessment Course marks will be based on a final written assessment carried out in class.


SESSION ONE: Introduction What is citizenship? Historical Conceptsof Equality. Radical Idealism Text A: The Levellers: The Agreement of the People, 1649 Revolution Text B: The American Declaration of Independence, 1776 Slavery Text C: Appendix to Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1852 Film: Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1927)

SESSION TWO: Fighting for Freedom The Women’s Movement in Britain Text D: Petition of the Mistresses of Dulwich High School, 1884 TheSpanish Civil War Text E: Miguel Unamuno and Millán Astray, 1936 Film: The International Brigaders Among Us (2010)

SESSION THREE: Rights and Responsibilities Cultural Diversity in Britain Test questions for those wishing to become British citizens at: Text F: ‘Women who escape forced marriages’, 2010 Film: Bend it Like Beckham (2002) Restrictions on freedom Text G: ‘The limits to freedom of speech’, 2007. Text H: ‘Curtains for play after Sikh theatre protests’ (2004) Text I: ‘Religious leaders call for end to ‘legal euthanasia’ (2009) Film: Life of Brian (1979)


SESSION FOUR The Perils of Complacency ‘Big Brother iswatching you’? Text J: ‘Newspeak’, from Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, (1945) Text K: Universal Declaration of Human Rights Film: 1984 (1984 version with John Hurt and Richard Burton).



TEXT A: THE AGREEMENT OF THE PEOPLE, 1649 The Agreement of the People was the principal constitutional manifesto issued by the Levellers in England. It was intended to besigned by all those who wished to enjoy rights of citizenship. The Agreement developed over several versions between October 1647 and May 1649.

A Leveller’s view: “How ridiculous it is, that one man should have 3 or 4,000 sheep, while his neighbour goes all in tatter, with not a coat to put on his back. Why should one man have his barn full of corn and another man’s family be pained with hunger? Weshould take money from everyone who earns more than £100 a year, and give it to those who have nothing. Every man should have a say in the government. The smallest he should have a voice as well as the greatest he.”

In the spring of 1649 many Levellers met together at Putney, south of London. For several days they sat and argued about what kind of government England should have. They all agreedthat England should be a republic, but not about much else. They were especially interested in whether people should be allowed to follow different religions. They also disagreed about what rights the people should have. Eventually they wrote down their decisions. They called their proposals The Agreement of the People.


A fully developed version of the Agreement of the People was...
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