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Relative clauses
a) A clause is a part of sentence. A relative clause tells us wich person or thing (or what kind of person or thing) the speaker means.

Example: The man who lives next door isvery friendly.
Relative clause
When talking about people we use WHO or THAT instead of he, she and they.

Example: The man that lives next door is very friendly.Relative clause

b) When talking about things we use THAT or WHICH in a relative clause instead of it, they.

Example: I don’t like stories that have unhappy endings. Relative clause
Example: Whereare the eggs which were in the fridge?

c) When WHO and THAT are objects of the verb in the relative clause you can leave them out.
EXAMPLE: The dress Paula bought doesn’t fit her very well. ( = Thegirl who/that Paula bought…)

You can also leave THAT out when we say the day, the year, the time,(etc) that something happened.
Example: Do you still remember the day (that) we first met?

Orwhen we can say the reason why something happened.
Example: The reason(that) I’m phoning you is to invite you to a party.

d) We use WHOSE in relative clauses mostly for people, instead of his, her,their.

Example: We saw some people whose car had broken down.

Note: Whose is used to show possession, it refers to people’s properties.

e) Whom is possible instead of who when it is theobject of the verb in the relative clause.
Example: The woman whom I wanted to see was a way on holiday.

f) Where can be used in a relative clause to talk about places.
Example: The hotel where westayed wasn’t very clean.

Adjective clauses
Are used to give additional information about nouns, in most cases the adjective clause directly follows the noun (or pronoun) it is identifying ordescribing.

Example: A friend is someone who knows you well.

Main clause Adjective clause
Adjective clause inside the main clause

Example: Someone who knows you can give...
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