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Paying for your care home
A guide for service users and carers

Date of Issue: June 2009

This guide tells you:

About the national regulations which all local councils use to work out how much people who need permanent residential or nursing home care have to pay for their care What to expect from Bromley Adult and Community Services if you need help to move into a care home.

•It forms part of the information pack that your Care Manager will give you to help you make important choices about the care you need and how to pay for it.

Other formats If you do not understand English or you need help to communicate because, for example, you do not see well or have hearing loss, we can give you the information in this leaflet: in very large print or Braille translated intothe main languages spoken in Bromley by arranging an interpreter or signer for you. Please ask your Care Manager to arrange for this help.


Paying for your care home Contents
Introduction 5

Part 1 – questions about the cost of care homes
Can I get help from Bromley Council towards the cost of a care home? Do I have to pay towards the cost of my care home? What is NHS ContinuingHealth Care? Ready for Discharge from hospital – what happens next? What’s the difference between residential and nursing care? What financial information will I have to provide? What happens if I need more time to complete the financial assessment form? Can I keep any money for myself? Can I give money away? How much will Bromley Council pay for a care home? Who pays for nursing care? What happensif I choose a home that costs more than Bromley will usually pay? Can I pay the top-up fees myself? What if the home I want doesn’t have a place available? Will I have to sell my home to pay for my care? What is the 12 week Property disregard? What if I need to sell my home to pay for care? 6 7 8 9 11 12

13 14 15 16 17

18 19 20 21 22 24

Paying for your care home
Deferredpayment agreements Deferred payments and Top-ups Page 25 29

Can a person with dementia enter into a deferred payment agreement? 30 Can Bromley help by paying the home fees until my house is sold? What happens if my wife wants to move house after I have moved into a care home? What happens if my money runs out? Who can help me to look after my money?


33 34 35 38 39 42 42 43

Part 2 –information about charges
How are the charges worked out? How do I pay my contribution? When do you review the charges? Will I have to pay my charges if I go into hospital?

Part 3 – how to find out more
How to contact Adult and Community Services Useful website addresses Useful publications Advice and advocacy services Your Notes and Queries 44 45 48 50 50

Paying for your care home
Aguide for service users & carers

When Bromley Council arranges a place for you in a care home, Government rules say we must assess your income, savings and investments and other capital to see how much you can afford to contribute towards the cost. This may include the value of any property you own. This leaflet tells you about:
• •

the national charging rules and, providesanswers to some of the questions you may have about arranging and paying for long-term care in Bromley.

Even if you have enough money to pay the whole cost of your care home fees now, you can have an initial assessment to help you find a care home that can meet your needs, and you will also find information here about your entitlement to financial help when your money runs out, or a short-termloan to fund your care until you have sold your house. The leaflet does not give a complete statement of all the regulations, which are very complex. If you want to know more about how the rules may affect your personal situation, please ask your Care Manager for advice and further sources of information.


Can I get help from Bromley Council towards the cost of a home?

You will qualify...
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