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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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M- Hi how are you?
M- Why?
I-because I made a tattoo
M- Really wow!!
I-Yes, but they told that Ican’t breakfast jam, milk, and rice I only can eat fish and carrots
M- Oh! Poor of you
I-Yes, oh and I can’t eat spicy foodeither
M- So bad
I-And you how are you?
M- Well so-so
M- Because I have some flue?
I-Really? Did you go visitthe doctor?
M-Yes and he prescribed me a vaccine but I told him that I don’t like this so better prescribe me to stay homein bed
I-Hi what happened?
A-well I was taking mi sport class when my sport instructor and me saw something in the sky,something paranormal
M- it’s horrible
A-Yes and so we pass out
A-And what happened with you?
I-Oh! Imade me a tattoo
A-Really? And is it painful?
I-well so-so painful!
A-did you need bandage?
I-yes, I needed to setbandage so it didn’t infect
A-Ah! Ok
M-It’s ok
A-yes only that my sister has symptoms of chicken pox
M-So bad!!A-Yes, sorry but I have to go because I have to pick up my sister to go to the doctor, I will spend much money
I-Ok! See youtake care
I-Me too I have to go because I have to buy a dessert at night and I have to take advantage of the day lights.
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