Cmmi vs iso15504

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Proceedings of the 9th WSEAS International Conference on TELECOMMUNICATIONS and INFORMATICS

Mapping CMMI-DEV Maturity Levels to ISO/IEC 15504 Capability Profiles
SAULIUS RAGAISIS, STASYS PELDZIUS, JUSTINAS SIMENAS Software Engineering Department Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics Vilnius University Naugarduko 24, LT-03225 Vilnius LITHUANIA,,
Abstract: - CMMI and ISO/IEC 15504 are two main models for software process assessment and improvement. CMMI staged representation provides the standard way to process improvement and the attractive simple measure for organization’s software process maturity. ISO/IEC 15504 ensures the possibility to assess the capability of each process, to get thedetailed organization’s processes capability profile and to define an individual improvement path. This paper investigates relationship between CMMI-DEV maturity levels and ISO/IEC 15504 processes capability. The mapping approach and ISO/IEC 15504 processes capability profiles ensured by all CMMI maturity levels are presented. Key-Words: - Software process assessment and improvement,organization’s maturity, processes capability profile, CMMI, ISO/IEC 15504.

1 Introduction
Almost forty years ago the software development situation was named as software crisis so indicating sore problems with budget, schedule, and quality. Almost twenty years ago it was understood that there is no silver bullet for the solving of software related problems [1] and the research emphasis was shifted toorganizational and methodological matters. Software process engineering is accepted as a most achieved software engineering area during last decade. Investigations in software process maturity allowed to get deep insight into software activities, define management of a software process, define quality of a software product through the quality of a software process, and introduce sound software processmodels helping assess and evaluate both software process and organization. The research achievements are noticeable but the problems of the software projects are still very actual and sharp. Organizations seek to benefit from different process models that stimulate harmonization of different models and investigation of process improvement in multimodel environments [2, 3]. Software processevolution has raised two main frameworks widely known as CMM and SPICE with their current revisions: CMMI and ISO/IEC 15504. These 2 models are prevalent and most important worldwide [4, 5]. The same confirms the situation in Lithuania: software companies ourselves as a rule

select CMM/CMMI [6, 7] when government supported projects promote ISO/IEC 15504 based models [8, 9]. One more reason for researchrelationships between CMMI and ISO/IEC 15504 is that almost 10 years ago requirements for appraisal method according CMMI [10] had indicated the option of supporting the conduct of 15504-conformant appraisals but no such appraisal method has been published yet. Purpose of this paper is investigation how these two models are related, i.e. how CMMI maturity levels can be expressed by ISO/IEC 15504processes capability profiles?

2 Background and Related Works
This chapter provides the key concepts of software process models and motivation for the mapping between the models. More specific motivation for the research performed is presented in the next chapter. Software process model serves as a foundation for the process definition, assessment and improvement. It should assure the usage ofthe same concepts, relevance with the best software engineering practices and compatibility with internationally accepted standards. Software process modeling examines two aspects: the activities of software product development or

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Proceedings of the 9th WSEAS International Conference on TELECOMMUNICATIONS and INFORMATICS

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