Coach carter

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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2010
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Coach Carter

Organizational Behaviour

I have chosen the film Coach Carter. This movie is from North America and the director is Thomas Carter in 2005, the stars are Samuel L. Jackson, Debbi Morgan, Rob Brown, Robert Richard and Ashanti.
This movie has more than a simple message, is a movie based on a passionate basketball coach who look for the team and teach a lot of positivethings to his players and the coach more than a simple coach he is a philosopher.
In the film there are a lot of matches but the important is the events that happened outside the court because these kinds of things we can’t see in most of sports movies.
The movie is based on a real story about a basketball coach of Richmond High School, Ken carter. A man who choose the team Richmond Oilers (thisteam was in the wrong way before he arrived) and then he changed back in a winner team and he also made that all the players went to school to achieve good marks in the school and far away the life of the streets. The fact is he used strong methods to gain his objective.
Coach Carter is a mix up between a sport movie and a critique to the society. This movie criticizes a lot the educational systemfrom Unites States.
This movie foments the discipline and sometimes it’s almost a military education.
Carter teaches a process of controlling one’s behavior and actions, both through self-motivation and through teaching and punishment.
The Oilers of Richmond High were training for the becoming basketball’s championship and at the same time la city was amazed with his team, who didn’t lose anymatch, and the stadium was plenty of fans. However on 1999 January 4th a decision made by Ken Carter divided the community and a lot of neighbor’s were affected a lot, it was as strong decision as some persons changed his personality and the way they look the life, forever. He decided to close the gym and he denied entering his basketball players because most of them failed the exams. Using thismethod he teaches to the players that the studies are very important and he also teaches that exist a future keep away of drugs, jail and of course basketball.
This movie talks a lot about working in a team; the skills of every member of the team achieve a positive impact to the way to make a goal. Coach Carter explains how the individual work affects the collective work and the all affect thegroup.
The difficulties are beat by the team and it is appreciate when the members fail with the marks.
The problem of each member is a failure for everybody; don’t exists the individual wins, exist the collective wins. This valor is one that I learned watching this movie.
This movie is a good example on how to work in a team and also explains that that the manager is very important.
I alwayshave been thinking if the manager is good then it means that with a regular team can arrive very up and if the manager is not good but the team is a very good then they don’t arrive to the top.
Manager very good and regular players is best than regular manager and very good players.
This movie criticizes a lot the American system and alerts society that students go to school to learn. If theresults are not positive, then other activities should be banned.
I am not from America and I don’t really know if the movie is true or not but if it’s true I’m really disappointed with the North America system.
Coach carter is a man who wants to change this system and demonstrate to everybody that it can be better.
During the movie we can see how change the personality of the people and howtheir lifestyle affects to the performance of the team and the school marks.
I like a lot the coach because there is a moment in the movie that most of the neighbors hate him for close the gym and he never surrender. He is a man who fight of all he believe and nowadays it’s difficult to find people like him because everybody is influenced by what the people think about them.
A fact that I...
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