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Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to: Identify a strategy for managing and coaching the teams. Discuss the need to plan, develop, and conduct training for coaches.

Session 10 Coaching1


Role of the coach
Coaching skills = Facilitative supervision

What is the role of the coach in an improvement collaborative? Who do they coach? What are theirresponsibilities?

Coaching strategy



Roles of QI Coach
Facilitator of team work Help team implement QI work, especially initially Help problem-solve QI Expert Just-in-time training on QI (eg.measuring indicators, PDSA, QI tools) Assess team functionality/progress, data validity for regional/national planning Other May be trainer at Learning Sessions May be clinical content expert

Provide motivation, guidance, feedback Promote/teach QI principles Assess team progress and help problem solve Strengthen team self sufficiency in the context of team’s role inhealth facility and health system
Support the team leader Strengthen team’s decision making ability

Collaboratives for Quality Improvement in Healthcare Quality Assurance Project


Sharedresponsibilities of coach and team leader
Set climate of cooperation and openness Promote chosen QI process or activity Encourage all team members to participate Hold team members accountable for actionplan

Who Should Be a Coach? - 1
Ideal QI champion with prior experience on QI team Located at or near sites to be coached External site supervisor In reality someone external to facility whoneeds to be trained in both coaching and QI Do district supervisors make good coaches?


Who Should Be a Coach? - 2
Must be able to visit site regularly Highly motivated and engaged in theactivity Necessary skills Coaching strategy changes throughout collaborative What skills does a coach need?

Coaching Skills - 1
Team building skills Facilitation skills Intervene appropriately in...